My name is Anja Young and I am interning with the DragonFly Dance Experiment. I am currently studying dance at Towson University. My dance goals in life are to become a professional dancer and own a successful dance studio.  Interning with DDE gives me the opportunities to be around amazing dancers who inspire me to work even harder in my own dance life.
The DDE ladies have amazing relationships with one another.  I am thankful that they allow me to be a part of their bond. The artistic director, Megan Morse Jan has a unique individual bond with all of her dancers.  She is their boss, coach, friend, cheerleader, mentor, and cares about them.
The DDE ladies have been working hard on the upcoming piece for the Louder than Words event that will be held Monday June 27, 2011 6-10pm at Children’s Theater of Annapolis. I look forward to bring you updates on the DDE dancers throughout the summer.